About Us

The Tourism Research Network was established in 2016 at the University of South Australia to provide policy advice and engage in consultancy and research for government and the hospitality, tourism and events sectors. The Network is made up of more than 30 scholars from a wide variety of fields, making it one of the largest and encompassing multidisciplinary research groupings internationally in tourism analysis. By providing expertise from across the humanities, social and natural sciences the Tourism Research Network is able to able to address a complete package of tourism issues, ranging from infrastructure design to market analysis and promotion strategy.

Areas of Expertise (Selected)

Adventure tourism, community based tourism, cultural tourism and festivals, destination management and marketing, destination management systems, educational tourism, indigenous tourism, information and communication technologies in tourism/hospitality/events, international tourism, nature tourism, regional tourism, sports tourism, sustainable tourism, sustainable tourism development, wine and food tourism.

Disciplinary Areas

Aboriginal and Australian Studies, architecture, arts and cultural management, biology, business, communication, environmental science, information technology, information systems, history, languages and linguistics, marketing, service management, sociology, tourism management and sustainability management.